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In today’s highly-competitive digital space, generic SEM/SEO (which you get from most website providers and other agencies) is not nearly enough. That’s why our team developed e Pulse Search Engine Core Solutions. We combine the reach and targeting of paid search with the power of streaming/OTT, social media, organic search, and reputation/reviews, tied-in directly to your website and CRM’s database. Your e Pulse program is custom-tailored to suit your business – no cookie-cutter campaigns for you. And with market exclusivity, you never have to worry about Engelhardt and Partners contracting with your competition in your DMA. That’s The Power of e.

ePulse is Synergy.

With YOU in mind, the team at Engelhardt & Partners Advertising has spent years researching and evaluating every possible digital (and traditional) advertising opportunity. Some we have found to be very beneficial. Others, not so much.

With YOU in mind, we take all of that research and experience into consideration when strategizing and custom-designing your campaigns.

With YOU in mind, we create a synergistic system of marketing using only what our research shows will work for YOU in YOUR market. That means we won’t try to sell you products that you don’t need, or waste your money on products that don’t work for you. And if the market changes, we’ll be the first to get in front of it and make the changes needed to keep your business growing!

Elements of e Pulse Search Engine Core Solutions include:


  • Lead-generating, custom-tailored search and display campaigns (including retargeting) optimized for high, middle, and low funnel traffic to capture potential buyers at every point in their shopping journey.
  • Ultimate SEO multi-faceted, internet-wide optimization package that goes beyond deep-linking and keywords.
  • Social Media paid post and ad campaigns that match your creative, plus custom social media posts/monitoring, video uploads, page management and more (enhances SEO).
  • Social Media Events: We’ll plan, implement, and promote your Facebook Event. Facebook Events can be used to promote an event at your business like a special sale or service promotion, or can be an online-only interactive promotion where customers can get special offers during the dates of the event. Ask us about our Facebook Event Packages tailored to your business.
  • Google Analytics – Tracking your website visits, SEO, digital advertising and more.
  • Powerful reputation management including review generation, online responses, directory listing updates, white-hat linkbacks and more (also enhances SEO).
  • Online placement of Google/YouTube video ads plus OTT (video ads on streaming services like Roku and Hulu) along with campaign-specific video production tailored exclusively to your business (no cookie-cutter, taggable spots).
  • Mobile Geo-targeting campaigns fenced around your competition.
  • Website creative including banners and SEO landing pages that match your campaigns.
  • Email blasts (to both your CRM’s database and conquest) so we can regularly target your customers with your businesses needs based on inventory, bonuses for selling quotas, etc.
  • Text marketing, including the use of text messaging for chat, reviews, and more.

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Why is Social Media Important?

Social Media can be a great way to connect with customers, announce new products or events, and grow your business. Or, it can be a colossal waste of time, if you don’t do it right.

Spending hours posting products and services may get you some response, but you need a well-thought out plan to really gain the best ROI in Social Media. This isn’t limited to posting cute photos of cats to get more followers. This is about utilizing Social Media as a tool as it pertains to SEO value, customer relations and retention, and sales.

When Google ranks your website, one of the things the crawlers look for is how your business relates to Social Media sites: Are people posting links to your connected Facebook page, and from Facebook to your website? Do you have positive reviews on Social sites? Is your site mobile-friendly, and can people share your content directly to their Social pages? These items improve your SEO value. And of course, there is the unmatched value of connecting directly with your customers.

Our team of Social Media professionals are experts in all facets of Social Media marketing and interaction. Using proprietary software, we are able to ensure no question or review gets overlooked, with unique responses to every one of them. We’ll work with you to grow your audience and foster great relations with customers and potential customers, giving you a true advantage over your competition!