Digital Super Sales Event for Automotive Dealers

This High-Impact, Multi-Channel, Hyper-Targeted Event is designed to drive more leads to your team and put more buyers on your lot!

Digital Super Sales Event by Engelhardt & Partners Advertising is a powerful alternative strategy for your dealership to get the COMPETITIVE EDGE in today’s market. This is a fantastic opportunity to gain market share over your competitors!

What’s Better About Our Events?

Other companies offer a stand-alone Facebook Page Event that’s broadcasted out to your entire geo-area, with no targeting, and with no other digital support.

Our multi-channel approach gives us the ability to HYPER-TARGET in-market audiences who are specifically looking to buy a used vehicle in your market. By offering this multi-channel approach, we can target highly-motivated, low funnel shoppers within your primary area market. That means truly “more bang for your buck” with more traffic, more leads, and higher ROI.

generate more traffic

get more website visits

capture more leads

Let’s Talk!

Ready to learn more about how our Digital Super Sales Event can help blow away your month’s numbers? Call Dayna Engelhardt at 954-927-2886 to set up an online meeting with our team at your convenience!

Used cars on a car dealership lot