Online Presence: More than Just SEO

What is Online Presence?



Simply put, it’s the face of your business as people see it across the internet.

It’s how and where people find, see, and interact with your company. It’s not just your SEO rankings. It’s not just your website. It includes many aspects, some of which you may not even know exist, like online business directories.

All of your social media, every tweet, every Instagram photo, every Facebook post, all of it, contributes to your online presence. Your Google My Business (GMB) page along with Google Reviews, Google Local Listings, product information, store hours, and other info specific to your store (like online menus for restaurants or inventory for car dealers) all factor in together to establish your online presence. It includes who is searching for businesses like yours, and what keywords they use to do it. And the way to help get your organic search rankings higher is to make sure your online presence is complete, up-to-date, and robust.

COMPLETE Digital Methodology

From engaging social media posts to drilling-down on web directory details, when it comes to your business’ online presence, no one out-performs Engelhardt & Partners Advertising. Our exclusive e Pulse Search Engine Core Solutions system is more than just internet advertising. It is a COMPLETE digital methodology that combines every aspect of your web presence to create the most powerful, efficient, and buyer-targeted formula for your business.

Of course SEO starts on your website, and we will work with you and/or your website provider to do a site audit, ensure your site is optimized using Google Best Practices standards. Then we look at your complete online footprint. We make recommendations based on our findings, and have several packages for you to choose from, to best fit your business.

Our SEO Plans may include but are not limited to:

  • Reputation Management including Review Generation (through SMS/Text, Email, etc.), plus response to online reviews.
  • Profile Page Creation/GMB.
  • Social Media Page Creation & Updating.
  • Update and Maintain Directory Listings.
  • Website Audit including load times, broken links, duplicate content, internal link structure, image optimization, and more.
  • SEO Keyword Analysis & Report.
  • Competitor Keyword Analysis.
  • Canonical Optimization.
  • Constant SEO Keyword Optimization: Optimizing for keyword that people use to find your business.
  • HTML Structure (H1-H6 tags, alt tags, etc.).
  • Analytics Setup/Conversion Tracking.
  • Search Engine Submission.
  • Article, PR and Blog Submission/Forum Posting.
  • Social Bookmarking.

About Online Reviews:

Your business needs positive online reviews. People searching for your products or services rely on your reviews to make buying decisions. Currently Google and Facebook reviews are the two major elements that factor into your business’ SEO and online presence, but it’s important to get and maintain good reviews across as many sites as possible. Every business should strive for at least a 4.5 Star Rating, and our review-generating and response program can do just that. By using time-tested methods of communicating with customers when they are most likely to leave a review, we help you gain more positive reviews, and help you head-off negative reviews before the customer publishes them. We will also respond to all reviews with friendly, professional, and unique messages (not just “thanks for your review”) to foster customer relations and address customer concerns on negative reviews. In many instances, by working with a dissatisfied customer, together we can have those customers change a bad review into a good one!

We feel a total digital marketing plan is equally art and science, and we bring our years of knowledge and expertise to every campaign.

We’ll work with your website provider to improve design and customer experience as well as SEO value and functionality. From front page sliders to custom landing pages, we’ll bring your website up to its maximum potential.

And by using Google Best Practices, online monitoring and our strong combination of specialized methods, we’re able to ensure your Search Engine Optimization is truly optimized, for your entire market!